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‘A Brand New Thing’ is a Toronto-based branding agency for entrepreneurs and professionals with great ideas to bring their ideas to life. Using branding strategies, we guide our clients towards delivering bigger, branded dreams than originally intended.

Our Vision: To see more people deliver global dreams.

Our Mission: We’re on a mission to help more people deliver global dreams and actually live the lives of their imagination.

Our Values

  1. Friendly Commitment: Our customers become our friends and we are committed to seeing them grow.

  2. Will to Win: We’re respectfully competitive! We work to win wherever our business is concerned.

  3. Personal Accountability: We do not pass blame. We are personally responsible for delivering on our promises.

  4. Integrity: We will always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

  5. Respect for Friends: Our customers, employees and partners are all our friends. Friends don’t hurt friends, but encourage them.

  6. Collaboration: Teamwork makes the dream work. Every idea is welcome and no one is condescended upon.

Got a great business idea? New to entrepreneurship? Let us guide you to effective positioning for success.  We’ll bring brilliance and creativity to the work you do so that you can create a brand new thing.

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