ICON Full Program

ICON Full Program

from 2,500.00

ICON Full Program is a 3-4 hour personal branding workshop for employees of an organization to strategically position themselves online. The workshop duration is largely dependent on the group size.

Those who attend will learn how to define an effective personal brand for success in a new venture or employment. They will also discover tips and tricks to standout on platforms like LinkedIn.

As a corporation you know, employee branding has the power to take your brand places you never thought possible, simply because individuals have 10x reach than organizational brands and employees are considered more trustworthy than CEO's.

With employees being one of your most vital resources, investing in them is an absolute necessity and the good news is that they have the power to yield returns that are otherwise difficult to attain. Studies have shown that a 12% increase in employee advocacy programs such as our ICON workshops have the potential to double revenue growth. 

With ICON, you can be certain of increased employee engagement, employee advocacy and revenue growth. We are confident that our program will increase organizational brand awareness, expand your marketing efforts and also increase talent attraction. Book Now!