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A Royal Introduction

A Royal Introduction
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A Royal Introduction

Early Bird Pricing ends on July 31st, 2019.

A Royal Introduction is a personal branding workshop for career success. If you’re looking for a new job, a promotion or a career change, this workshop is for you.

Those who attend will :

  1. Uncover their niches and understand their areas of greatest influence

  2. Learn how to make a good first impression with newly, crafted messaging

  3. Leave with a unique plan of engagement to showcase their expertise

  4. Network and learn from other attendees

  5. Receive immediate feedback on content strategy

*only 20 spots available and guests will be expected to dress for the occasion

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Brunch and Bloom
10:00 AM10:00

Brunch and Bloom

Brunch and Bloom
from 69.00

Brunch and Bloom is a 150-minute personal branding brunch event for ladies to position themselves for promotions in professional environments and opportunities to grow their career externally.

Those who attend will :

  1. Leave with a redesigned and recreated digital map

  2. Clarity on what it takes to build a strong personal brand

  3. Network and learn from other attendees

  4. Receive immediate feedback on brand character strategy

  5. and much more

*only 10 spots available and guests will be required to dress for brunch

*brunch is included in price of those who select the brunch and bloom package. Bloom only would be required to pay for brunch on arrival ( or a la carte)

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